Not just a rant, we’ll provide the facts!

This blog is created with the sole purpose of shedding some light on the arbitrary and abusive practices of a modern e-commerce company with unconscionable application of their Terms of Use (ToU), and its negative impact on tons of people including us.

This blog is not intended to be an ongoing thing, we rather spend our precious time using our talents to design and create things, we were unwillingly dragged into it and had to denounce these issues. We are not fond at all of injustices and people with power trampling you and messing with your livelihood, just because they have the power to do so.

We hope the few documents we post here will help someone.


2 responses

  1. Please contact me at pomegranatefarm@gmail.com – and anyone else who has complaints against Etsy

  2. Totally agreed with you! We are one of the seller in Etsy recenly and shut down without giving any notice.

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