Who are the Etsy MITS

The following are excerpts from an article published by the Wall Street Journal less than a year ago. It states that Etsy takes very seriously the Integrity of the site therefore hires “experts in a specific area”, to police the site and shut down shops that break the rules, but the truth is THEY DON’T, below are the requirements for applicants to “Integrity/Trust & Safety Agent”. It is an entry-level position that doesn’t require any experience in any of the categories sold on Etsy.
Among the other people with more seniority we found in this department, are: substitute teachers, a crime reporting ex-journalist, a photo studio assistant, computer techies, etc. It’s scary to think that people with no real expertise, who don’t come from any related industry and consequently with NO Qualifications, are the ones demanding proof and documents from you, reviewing and analyzing them, approving or disapproving you, shutting down your shop and changing your life with the click of a button.

Here is the article, we are focusing on just this one lie, but there are many other statements so refutable here we don’t want to spend our time on. You judge for yourself:


Busted by the Crafts Cops – April 17, 2012
Retail Detectives Scour Sites to Catch Factory-Made Goods Amid the Handicrafts

“To try to keep its offerings true to its mission, Etsy is increasing the number of young detectives the company uses to police its website, sort of a CSI: Etsy team. (Etsy’s CSI-related products include a “Future CSI” baby bib for $7.) The company calls the investigators the Marketplace Integrity and Trust & Safety teams. They spend their days scouring Etsy’s site to uphold its rules: No factory-made goods, items that violate copyright, or offensive material. They shut down sellers’ shops that break its rules. Newly developed software is also used to police the site.”

“In the last year, Etsy, by far the largest global online crafts retailer, almost doubled the size of its policing staff to 16 people. Most of its hires are experts in a specific area—say, handbag making or vintage goods—so they can “help us ask the right questions,” of potential problem sellers, says Kruti Patel Goyal, director of Etsy’s policing groups.”

——– ——————- ———————

But who are these detectives? here are the real Etsy “detectives” and “area specialized expert agents” – Copied from Etsy’s job requirements for MITS agent:

“This is an entry-level position with potential for growth over time.

About You

We’re looking for someone with:
· Relevant experience in online policy enforcement
· High level of web savvy with excellent Internet research skills
· Fraud investigation, risk management, and e-commerce experience preferred, but not required
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills
· Level-headed temperament and ability to apply policy objectively
· Leadership, organization, attention to detail, and time management skills
· BA/BS degree strongly preferred
· Fluency in French, German or Dutch, and knowledge of handmade/vintage goods is a plus”

Click here to see  sreenshots  of Etsy’s MITS Agent Job Description and Requirements.

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  1. […] think the fact that we sent a communication to Etsy’s CEO and to the Integrity Team after this second closing, pointing out the fact they that are doing nothing about big resellers […]

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