The making of our Cuff in our NY Studio

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3 responses

  1. Having viewed these photos there is no doubt in my mind that this cuff is hand crafted and not mass produced.

    1. Thanks Pretty polly. We wish etsy had seen it that way also, but judging by all that happens there is fair to conclude they need new eyeglasses (figuratively speaking) 🙂

    2. I know this is over a year old (very old in internet years), but I want to thank you for sharing this. It amazes and disgusts me, ask anyone on the street and they would come to the same conclusion: this was made by hand, from scratch. Period. Anyone who would doubt this is doing so for ‘other’ reasons. This is a true disgrace. Does any internet based company comply to any kind of business trading standards?

      From the horror stories here, I’m actually using another gravatar to my makers one. Such is the insidious dealings of internet companies like Etsy. I’m sure they are watching this site for people to penalise/ban.

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